“When i’ve realised

cattura14_fondigranaYou was asleep, i delicatly got up myself from the bed and i went to the window and  i was notice that the light full of colors that earlier arounded us, now up on the sky, it was fading itself. I was seeing the light of the sun, was making bright everything in Our Parallel World.
From the window i have take a look at the shack, there beyond the little bridge. I didnt wanted you alarmed you, if you had awake yourself and you didnt have find me, so i wrote a little note and i have left it on my pillow. I’ve wrote you ‘Good morning my love. You was sleeping so well that i’ve left you continue. I’m down. I’m out, you can find me in the shack, your … little princess…♥♥♥’.
I left you sleeping and slowly i was go down. I wasnt sure to find our furry friends.
I have take a look to the appartement before to open the door and in the air there was something strange, but i’ve thought it was the residue of what which was happened in the bedroom, so i was come out, leaving the door open.
Outside all our furry friends were still sleeping, or they were slowly awoken up. The Markùts were always at their place. One of the opposite the other at the begin of the bridge. I’ve looked for to make no noise, but i knew without the support of Luke’s hand, it was impossible. The Markùts had opened the eyes and slowly they were wakening themselves. I continued my walk till the shack. I had opened it and i was entered. I was wandering around. I wanted look for something that it could give me some track of what Luke had said me…. at least that book… on the ground. Now there wasnt any book no more. But i saw the footprints coming out from the library of the shack. It was incredible. I had must to seat myself on the bench. My heart was going crazy.
From that visual, with the door open, i have could see the window of the bedroom.
In that istant i thought about you.
Slowly i returned back.  The Markùts, without say nothing, helped me to go trought the bridge and they accompanied me in front of the appartement. I turned myself and i said them ‘Thank you…’
In that word, there was more than a simple Thank you.
I knew it. They, even.”


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