“I was about


To open the eyes and you was looking at me. When i opened them the first thing i’ve seen  was been your sweet face and your eyes. You had a look so profound that it left me breathless. Your eyes could take me in everywhere they wanted take me without leave the place in which we were.
You didnt have say nothing, but i knew that there was something.
Our hearts were beating at unison. You still looking at me with that sensual glance that it would have melt anyone, but you was staring me. Your glance was just for me and i was flying. At the end i asked ‘Luke, what’s up?’ After a moment left in suspension, you have said in a sigh ‘You dont know how much i love you. You’re the person most important of my life. You’re my princess. I love you much’ and you approached yourself to kiss me. Then you’ve added ‘I have something say you… i have seen the gap…. i’ve see how they provide us. Stay here. I go down. I bring you the breakfast. Dont move..’
I was remained breathless I have looked at you with wide eye open, while you was shyly smiling me, leaving the room.
I have look at the room a bit disoriented. While i was hearing you downstairs in the kitchen, i have had in my mind your glance of few minutes ago. It filled my heart and suddenly i’ve rembembered what, we… you have done me the late night and that emotions you have made me feel heated me again till delicately i’ve closed the eyes and i relived those moments.
I haven’t realise that you was already go back with the breakfast. When i heard your steps in the bedroom i have opened the eyes and i’ve realise that i was become all red in the face, while you was approaching yourself. You have whispered me ‘… tonight… tonight i’ve seen you blooming amongst my fingers. You was so beautiful…’
You have caressed me, then i settled myself on the bed and you have passed me the tray with the breakfast.
A second after, while i was taking a croissant, i looked at you sighing and i asked you ‘How you have seen the gap? … That gap?’ You’ve nodded.


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