“From the window” – ○290○

You was attending to the travel across the two worlds.
You wanted see it: you are assured yourself that I was sleeping deeply. You came close to me and in a whisper you sighed: “I’ll be back soon” and you have kissed me sweetly.

lance38_forteWhile you went downstairs the Markùts with Kapi and his crystal, were already had crossed the two worlds

You entered in the shack: at first glimpse it seemed everything ok.
You wandered the shack looking for something that could have give you a track of this passage.
It seemed that there wasn’t nothing.
You was about return back to the apartment when you was about fall on the floor.
You stumbled on an opened book: you have collected it, and what which you have seen weren’t the pages written, but it seemed a mirror where it can seen the place where the Markùts, now as the young guy and girl with the skateboards with the caps put on the contrary, who were wandering to provide us of all we had need.

You have sit yourself on the bench and you have started to look at

The gap between two worlds was a dark alley from where the Markùts were came out, while Kapi waiting for them flying: when they met, the crystal of Kapi has arounded them by a soft light, that you have suddenly recognise as the light we had spread in the Burn Valley. They were in safe under our light: that light was powerful. You knew it.

The city in which they were was much different from the dark city in which we had lived.
It was brighter and cleaner.
The avenues were skirted by green trees but their trunks were inside cages.
The sun was always bright, and if you had wanted would like lift the face for see the sky, you would had have some difficulties.
Kapi was lucky: he had the sun by his side.

The Markùts were doing their parts. They were playful with their skateboards, sometimes they challenged one another to make a skateboard ride: sometime was won one, sometime the other. And in the break they were taking what which we had need.

They had learnt soon how behave among the people, and Kapi always followed them, but there was always a moment in which Kapi was unable to protect them.
When they were in the shop: it was the moment most dangerous for them. In those minutes the light of the crystal couldn’t protect them. One always entered, and the other waiting for outside.

Those instants seemed had no end, but at end the Markùt came out, and the other hugged him: in that gesture it given him the protection that he need, and few seconds all was returned to the normality, and accomplished their duty, slowly they returned to the alley to get back in our world.

You didn’t wanted make you see there, so you was returned in the apartment, almost running, and you came upstairs, where I was still sleeping.
Sweetly you have lay yourself by my side, and slowly you have embraced me tight.
I felt your sweet embrace, and I turned myself toward your side, and I’ve dived myself into your chest, whispering your name.
The moon was leaving the place to the sun.

I was about to awake up.”


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