“Upstairs” – ○288○


You have lay me on the bed.
You putted yourself close to me, and you have started to caress me, from the face till the belly. Our eyes didn’t ever take off not even a second
You have started to whisper something. It seemed another of your poems.

While you were reciting it, your hand was reaching to the hips, but I knew it would have go beyond, and I closed the eyes, and I held back the breathe, till I have felt which was the final target.
I knew, that this time that it would been your game.
Your words with your gentle touch, there.

This time I was at your mercy, and your words, your deep voice, your hand, your fingers, made me feel as if i was in a ship in the middle of a storm: the sound of your voice was the sea, and your fingers the waves inside of me that was thrilling me.

It seemed that you was acting all the poems you have written, instead were simply phrases that you was saying me while you was looking at me: I was literally going crazy. Our hearts were beating at unison, and fast, and around us it was growing up an atmosphere, almost tangible.

You was close to me. Our eyes were diving into one another, while you was doing that sweet game between the legs.
Delicately you have whisper me: “Make me fly with you…”
Your game has become a bit faster, and this time you have lay your lips on mine, while I was reaching the orgasm: you have felt my little contractions growing up, and then slowly fading, and while everything flew away you have whispered me: “You’re beautiful…I love you much”.

With the heart that still was beating fast i was looking at you for a second: I closed the eyes. I felt your lips lay on mine.

There we given ourselves another passionate kiss.”


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