Is it possible

cattura003nomeThat  you’re the only one to which  i open myself so freely and i feel your closeness  is so strong despite all what we know?
It’s useless say you what i’m feeling right now, cause i know you’re feeling the same.
My heart is beating so strong from several days, and it never happened.
When i reached the top of the mountain this night i’ve closed the eyes and you was close to me and i never thought to  feel what i felt even a second time and you was always there.
Now your closeness it’s more tangible than usual.
Is it possible that we are going trough another level of our real Parallel World.
I feel you next to me and you want take me inside of your shack, is it possibile that it’s  really the gate for Our Parallel World.
I feel it strongly inside of me and your eyes say me it’s so.
Your eyes are piercing my soul and i feel myself dragged inside of it.
Delicately you’re taking my hand and slowly we entering in.
Let me enter in our parallel world trough your eyes.


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