“After we kissed us

luke19_fporteI asked you to read me some of your poems that you have wrote about me when you have see me at the bar the first times. I needed to hear your deep voice and you have nodded. Some papers were still on the table in front. You have took them, i settled again my head on your knees.
You have started to read one of them. I was looking at you. Slowly our breathe were became at only one. Your eyes were set on that paper and you acted the poem with such passion that i was remained breatheless. Your voice got calm me. When you have finished it our glances met, i have whispered you ‘Another one…please…’. . Next to you had several papers. You have took another and you have took a look on your written. What you have written in that piece of paper, slowly i have understood that was a poem you have wrote just the day after your friends left you and they wouldnt come no more in that bar.
«Around me the darkness, 

But over there is a tiny magical light. 
In your eyes, in your soul. 
I see your beauty. 
I would like approach me to you. Remove these shadows that are on my shoulders
Please take my hand and make me fly».
I was staring you unable to hold back a tiny teardrops. Slowly i lifted myself and we looked at us and without say nothing i have took the papers and i placed them on the sofa. Sweetly i got up and i stretched my hand to your and you have take it. One in front of another we have just breathe. And in that long sweet and delicate breathe we had remove all our fears.
No more doubts, no more nothing, no more Fenkuz words’, just oiur breathe that were merging, and our eyes one in another.
Sweetly you have took my hips and you approached me. In a whisper you have sighed ‘Make me fly… let’s fly together’.
Gently you have take me between your arms and we went upstairs.”


⇐“ When they

“Upstairs ⇒

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