“When they” – ○286○


Had left us alone near the little stair of the apartment, we looked at us so deeply that we have could seen the deepest corner of our souls. above all you.

In that whisper, you have could hear that was brokering itself in throat, you have hear all my fear.
I was still shaking: in the Fenkuz words I have seen my life without you, and it was a inconceivable thing.
But they were just words, but words that had to disappear quickly from my mind.
Till you hadn’t start to tranquilize me with your deep and sweet voice, and I looked at you.
“Since you fallen in the bar, and I have helped you to got up… look where we are now…”

You was staring me, while sweetly you have took my hand making it sliding in your shirt. I have could feel your heart beating fast, that it was calming itself.
You could feel my sensations, and our feelings ran together: I had needed just to look at you in your beautiful eyes, and feel your warmth trough your embrace.

Quickly has fallen the night. You have took me in your arms, and we entered in the apartment.
You have lay me on the sofa and you have sat on the little table in front of me.

You have whispered: “You seem really a princess…”
You seemed enchanted by what you had in front, and you came closer. You was kneel, but I wanted you close to me, and I’ve let you sit close to me: I’ve lay my head on your knees, and then you have begin caress my belly.

After a suspended moment, you have said:”‘You will never lose me.”
In those instants our hearts were beating so hard that they resounding in whole our world, and in the sky it was released a big light made of multitude colour that merged together.

I lifted the face, and for a moment we looked at us, and right after we given ourselves one of the passionate and sweet kiss, never given in our life.”


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