Tell me

cattura07nomeSince when i inserted the shack in my tale, you are inside or outside of it and my heart is going crazy. Tell me that isnt just a coincidence, because, by now, i dont believe it no more. I rembember each thing of that shack when i dreamt it. Even earlier than when you have showed it in that interview. My head is exploding from three days. I know it’s our great connection we having from i have done that dream. I’m doing all the possible for rationalize everything what which it’s happening, but i can say you IT’S IMPOSSIBLE  Everything match and i’m here unable to hold back the emotions that i’m feeling in this moment and you are on other side of the planet, maybe you consider me only a crazy girl…. maybe not, who knows. But everything it is happening between you and me, maybe even unconciously, it make me feel so strangely alive. I shake my head and i sigh, because everything is happening, in someways it wants say us somenthing and sincerely i dont still understand what it is.
Our Parallel World is there, in our deep and each thing we take us there.
Talking seriously, i’m a rationable and smart person, but this thing it’s making me going crazy. Everything brings me amongst your arms. Everything match. everything turn around our connection. Everything take me AGAIN into the Parallel World. And what i have felt  from two days it acomplished in this video you made in front of your shack.
I’m still shaking my head and my vise in the stomach got bigger and bigger. I’m looking at you and i whspering that isnt impossible, instead you are there…  the only thing i can do is to throw out the air from  the lungs and try to dont going crazy more than necessary.


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