You arrive

luke10_forteSo suddenly and you embrace me tight from behind and you left me  withouth breat. I close the eyes and i take your arms and i holding them more tight. I hear your whisper. You call me and gently you turn me and our glances meeting. Your lips are so close to mine. A rapid glance and we kissing us. I feel your closeness even in this way.
Breathless  and passionate.
It was from days that i didnt felt this great feeling. Your embrace from behind. Your whisper and your lips but above all your eyes that was piercing my soul. I knew our connection was still in the air, but i knew even you was busy.
Our connection is strong and it’s scramble me each time is it accomplish. It’s something of really magic. It’s really something  that happens between you and me. And when it’s happen Our Parallel World is there and slowly we enter in it and we know that it’s only ours.
It’s something that is happening from long time, but i always remain breathless. When i  feel your closeness, it is so magical. I must take a deep breathe and i still feel your embrace. I would like remain so forever. In your arms eyes in the eyes. Even without say nothing.


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