“We couldn’t” – ○285○


Still breathe.

Were we so blinded from our love for do not see all that?
What Fenkuz, and the others had said us, was so fantastic, that we didn’t still believe it, but instead it was there, in front of our eyes.
We had seen whom they could become.

At end the Little One has wanted speak too, and what he said us it has moved us.
With his shrill voice he told us: “When you have touched me, and my fur has changed, I have understood to have become part of one thing more important: your life in this magic world, and you given us the only one necessity we need… your passion”
The Little Morgur had summarized in few words one of the most important concept, that even Fenkuz with all his wisdom, wouldn’t have able to explain.

My heart beating so hard, and you was breathless, but at end you was almost able to formulate a simple question that had a immediately a reply.
To answer has been Fenkuz: “No, this world without you, would disappear with all what it content: your memories, your emotions, and if you return in the other world, you would fallen as in a black hole, worst of the Nothing”.
At these last words I have whispered: ” … No..!!” And I have looked at you with wide eye open, and I tightened you as if for real, I was about to lose you.
The last words of Fenkuz has been as a punch in the stomach, and I could feel the void: I have looked at you once again. You have embraced me, while we were looking at all our furry friends.

After this long talk, you have made them approached.
You wanted to thank them one by one.
At end you have whispered them: “Till now we didn’t realized all that, we are sorry: we say to each of you BE CAREFUL. Without you everything this wouldn’t so fantastic how it is. You’re part of this world that we have created”‘, and The little Morgur added: “… and you are still creating it…”.
At these words I couldn’t held back some tears. You have looked at me, and sweetly have dry me the tears with the fingers, then you approached to me for kiss me.

Slowly our friends were returning to their normal habits, while now we could see in them even their human’ shadows.”


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