“We were

luke021catturamoltiplicaLooked at us one in another still dazed from what we had seeing, while Fenkuz was  about to speak, arounded by the others. Even the little one of the Morgur was serious. ‘From when you was moved yourselves in the Parallel World, since when the Morgur had moved your appartament here they has left open a gap between the two worlds…they has taken note of each things there was in the appartament. Things you would have need in the future, as any kind of food and other stuff. Little things but always necessary…’ While Fenkuz was talking, we were remained speechless and more he explaining us each thing, we were looked at them always more stunned. Only now we have realized that each time they acrossed the two worlds to provide all our little necessities they putted their lives in danger. We told them. One of the Markùts go himself ahead and spoken. ‘The very first times, even us, were disoriented. We were scared, but the first day/night that you have slept under that tree some of your magical flows has arounded us, and when you had caressed the little Morgur and then he has changed his fur, we had understood that we could do this’. Then Fenkuz had added ‘The day you have rescued me with my crystals the things were become more easy’  ‘At the begin we were only us’, the other Markùts added, and now we could even indetified him as one of the two young guys with the caps put on the contrary, with black dress with some colored neon stripes and the skateboard always in his hands, ‘But more you were here, more the magical flow has invested all of us.’
Then was the turn of Pyr. ‘But you no have to fear. We dont go across the two worlds all at time. Never. Kapi wouldnt be able to keep us under the control of his crystal.’ We were listening to what they were saying almost without breathe. You was about to talk but Fenkuz spoken for first. ‘You fed us with your love, everytime we returned here, we have felt your big emotions and with few we were recharge ourselves, and we continue to be Fenkuz, the Markùts, Pyr, the Morgur and naturally Kapi’. Fenkuz lifted his face up to the sky, while Kapi was flying above us, making bright his crystal that was spreading his magical light.”


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“We couldnt ⇒

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