Do you feel it??

orbit5_forteIt’s growing always more inside of me, inside of us. Our connection. Here the hearts is beating, is going crazy. I feel your closeness more closer than ever. Our heads are exploding cause the connection. You looking at me with your eyes and i feel you’re whispering me something. Only the heart can feel it. I close the eyes and i can perceive your perfume. I can feel your deep voice inside of me. It shaking me. My heart is beating at unison with your. That thin thread that unite us get bigger and bigger each day it’s passing by.
We can only feel us. I cant describe what i’m feeling in these moments. It’s from when it’s began all this i feel these sensations when we are connect and now we are so connect, that if i speak loud i know you can hear me.
It’s so deep what i’m feeling right now amd i’m sure you can feel it too. I must take a deep breathe.


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