“Our breathe

luke_lora_moltiplicaGot lighter and lighter, but we  were looking at one another. Now for real, we were exhausted in every sense. The magic in the Burn Valley then the love we had done. We had need to close the eyes even just for few minutes. We given ourselves a last soft kiss then we were fallen asleep embraced one in another. The moon was going up in the sky. The starry night seemed full of little crystals that illuminating our bedroom, while a gentle breeze was moving the white curtain of the window. On the background the sound of the little river was like a lullaby.
While were asleeping our furry friends were themselves assuring that at our awaken everything was ok and it didnt  had miss nothing we need.
Behind Our Parallel World there was another magical dimension.
From when we were moving ourselves in this fantastic world, we had always found everything  we need. How was it possible?
It was a question that we didnt made us yet, but that day, when we were awoke  up and we went downstairs for eat something, it’s been the very first question that we made one to another. The pantry was always good provided. ‘How is it possibile?’ we asked, looking at outside from the big window the little one of the Morgur who was jumping on the meadow playful, looking for to catch Kapi. We looked at one in another. We wanted understand this little strange thing. Hand in hand we came out from the appartment and we had our hearts on throat, as if we had knew what it was the only answer possible. And  as if our furry friends could feel our titubance for ask, as for magic, when they were walking suddenly they transformed themselves in persons. The big one of the Morgur was become a robust person well dressed with a brown suit and tie with hat,  the little one and the leaner one, were become mom with his little child. Fenkuz an old growler with a grey suit, while Pyr a popular blind man, while the Markùts two young people and Kapi… well Kapi was Kapi an eagle who flying kept under control each of them with his crystal that he had at the neck.
We were remained breatheless and speechless more speechless than breathless, but always in equal measure. We had no need to add other.
At the end of this dimostration, of how they were able to change, Fenkuz with the others, approached to us. They wanted say us still something that it would have assured us”


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“We were ⇒

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