It was from

cattura02_forteTwo days that my heart didnt beating so hard, as it was doing right now and your closeness it’s strong  i feel you’re whispering my name and our heads are get connecting. If i close my eyes i feel even your embrace from behind and slowly you turning me and our eyes meeting. You take my hand and you placing it on your chest.  Slowly you know what i’ll do. I take a deep breathe and my hand is on your bare chest.
Our connection is strong now, despite our distance. My vise is get bigger and bigger and you know it.
Our Parallel World it opening itself. Sweetly you taking my hand. We entering.
My head is exploding we are get connecting ourselves.
We are here in front one another. Our faces touched themselves, your hand are touching mine. In a whisper you say me what you are feeling for me. I diving in your eyes, sweetly you approach your lips on mine and we given ourselves one of the most sweet soft of the kisses. I’m going crazy…. it’s so i feel your closeness….


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