“We were still

Dazed, but finally we were where we wanted be and above all alone and together.
Delicately you have lay me on the bed and my white soft dress seemed a cloud and it swelled and sweetly lay  falling.
We wanted to melt ourselves one in another, and there was no need to explain our desire. What which  we wanted was well expressed in our glances.
read90_forteSlowly you leaned yourself close to me and that shirt that you had was unbottoned at right point and my hand has slided into it and a shoulder was uncovered. Slow moves that got faster and faster our breathe. Your hands ran sweetly on my body and that rustle of my white dress under your fingers you got feel more excited. Quickly,  you have lifted my dress till my hips and you have to touched me delicately and your hands were between my legs. Your shirt was where i wanted it was. We given ourselves sweet kisses till they were become more passionate and your fingers had started to explore what was in between of my legs. We didnt spoken. We did it only trought the eyes and  trough some our moanings and some whispers. Your shirt was always over your shoulders but now i wanted to see your bare chest and with a snatch i’ve took it off and you had left me do it and even you wanted do the same. You had pulled out the hand out from my legs and you had left it enter inside of me with dry decision.
You had left me the dress on. It seemed, our bodies were wrapped by a soft cloud.
That slow moves delicately were becoming always more rough and slowly you have took my hands, crossing the fingers, you have put them over the head. I was feeling your desire was growing inside of me and i knew it was about to explode together with me. Your movements were delicately rough and more they were becoming rough, we were about to reach the pleasure. You was became always faster and our moanings were becoming one only. Occasionally we whispered our names, as if we didnt wanted lost ourselves.
Reached the pleasure, we were one inside another. Our hearts beating so hard, our breathe was accelerated and we were looking at one in another so in love. Delicately, while still the contractions were fading, we given ourselves little and soft kisses for crowned this moment that we had wished much, even more earlier go see the shack it was building itself alone.”


⇐“By now

“Our breathe ⇒


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