“While” – ○280○


Everything around us was blooming again, you was sweetly staring me, as if in, my eyes you was seeing something of more beautiful.
I was feeling you glance straight toward me, while I was admiring the scenario that was changing under our eyes.

The sensation I had felt when I’ve attempted to do not look at you, it was like when you staring at me in the bar.
In, your eyes, there was, wonder, and a kind of admiration: I could felt all them flowing in me.
You knew that you have catch my attention, but I didn’t wanted turn my face toward your, because it would been another endless moment that it would have overwhelmed me.
But it seemed that it was that you, Fenkuz and Kapi were awaiting for it.

I could hear our hearts beat hard. I have closed the eyes just for a moment, while I held back the breathe, for then throw it away.
I knew that when I would have met your glance, it would happens something of magical.
Your glance was waiting for meeting mine. You was tightening delicately my hand, when you have whispered my name so gently, that I had to only do turn myself, and our eyes met.

In that moment another explosion of feelings has surrounded the Burn Valley, and it was creating itself a crystal in front of us, ready to be taken from Fenkuz, and be placed in the middle of the Burn Valley. That wonderful crystal it would have given more energy to the others, that Fenkuz had previously placed the in the valley.

We have sighed at the same time, when Fenkuz had explained us the function of that last crystal.
You was looking at me: I was able to hear your thoughts, and they were only thoughts dedicated to me: and now our desire was only one.

To stay alone, together.”


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“By now” – ○281○ ⇒

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