I feel

luke02catturapluniformeSomething inside of me that is growing, and if i close the eyes i can feel your hands are holding tight my hips from behind and i hear you voice that whispering my name. I can feel your hands that holding me tight, as if you dont want make me escape from you.
Slowly you turn me and finally. Our eyes meet and i bite my lips. You’re approaching me to you. You take my hand on you chest. Your heart is beating hard and your whispers are soft. This mix up make me going crazy. Your eyes are set on me, i can feel your hands on my face. They are so sweet. You lifting my face toward to you and our eyes diving into one another. We want that this moment has no end. Slowly we enter on our parallel world and with all the delicacy we become only one soul.
Despite we are so far, in these hours, in these moments we feel close one another in a such way that we say ourselves ‘Is it possible all this connection?’
We take a deep breathe and we are exploding.



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