Or i’m going


Crazy or  is there something really bonding us strongly.
Since when i put, unconciously, your shack in my tale, you have made that videos inside it, a twirl is still making us bond always more, and now im sure it’s not a concidence this lastest stuff you have put online and then that thing i saw yesterday.
I would like cry. My emotions are so strong. I dont understand what is happening. Yes, in someways i understand completly, what is happening, but i asking myself ‘Is it really happening to me, to us… you want say me something?’
Our connection is so strong  in these hours, my vise get bigger and bigger, and my head is literally esploding. Everything match, if i think about that and it’s making me going crazy.
I shake my head. This is not my tale. This is something bigger than us. I feel your closeness more than ever. Our minds get connecting and now i dont think is just my big imagination, my dreams,  it’s something it was growing inside of Our Parallel World always more bigger. I’m here and attending to something wonderful that stuns me, each time it happens. I must take a deep breathe. I feel your closeness  much…. tell me you are feeling it too.


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