“That kiss

shack5_forteWe given ourselves was so passionate and it seemed had no end. We were understanding always more that were were two real soul mates.
We were between a recent past lives and present.
What  i’ve said to you it was the umpteenth proof of all this.
We looked ourselves as if we were found us still again. New emotions new feelings were going trough our hearts and we could see them trough our glances.  We were overwhelmed.
We were so taken by one to another, that we didnt realized that even with the Markùts, were entered even Pyr and Fenkuz.
They didnt wanted broken what we had created in that moment so special.
We were, as arounded by colors perfumes and sounds of all our memories that we had in that shack.
We looked at eachother as the first time we had shared the very first glance in the bar. In that glance in the bar there was everything and more. Wonder, stun. In the bar when our eyes met for the first time, there was an explosion. All the people inside suddenly faded, and around us it was created a soft light and in that crowded bar, existed only us and our hearts were going crazy. And now in the shack we had felt the same explosion, the same feelings. Everything around us faded. We were feeling our hearts melting one in another and we werent able to take off our eyes one from another.
What i have said you it had unleash something of big and powerful. You have take my hands and in your touch our energy  was running fast. We didnt have say still nothing. But in our breathe we could hear our whispers. Whispers made of words so sweet and soft that seemed wrapping us. For a second we had close the eyes while we had tight our hands, listening to our breathe.”


⇐“You was still holding

“As if we ⇒

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