“You was still holding

luke_24_forteMine hands and your eyes were stared me.  Around us it was created a floating atmosphere and everything around us it was fallen the silence. We could just listen to the river sound that was running endless.
was  collecting all the thoughts for speak. For a little bit we hadnt breathe.
I have shaked my head then i stared you more deeply that i could. And i began.
‘Since you went in that bar, since we have shared the first glances something in me… in you, has changed. One of the nights when i returned in my appartement i’ve done a strange dream. I’ve dreamt THIS shack, with you inside, as we are now.  In my dream you was with your some of your friends and you was singing. I was there’ – i was indicating a precise point of the shack – ‘And then when you have finished to sing you have called me and you have presented me to your friends’
You was looking at me stunned. I could felt my heart beating as a train and it didnt wanted stop itself.
It seemed everything so absurd that i have could see a thing that then it would become true later. Now and in Our Parallel World.
Even me i didnt wanted believed it. You have sighed, and slowly you have took my hand and you have putted it on your chest… inside of your shirt… Your glance became more profound.
I have continued ‘ When i saw it here i was remained breathless. It has been like a flashback’.
You was keeping my hand on your chest. And in a thread of voice you have said me ‘That’s true… when i was boy i have passed much time here to sing just for fun with my friends…’
I was going crazy when you have said me this. Once again my witch powers had right.
We looked at ourselves still stunned. while slowly the Markùts were entering in the shack.
In our eyes there was the most great love that we could have felt.
If we werent kissed us, maybe we would been going crazy.”


⇐“We both had a thud

“That kiss ⇒

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