“Without realizing

26-02-11forteWe were fallen asleep embraced tight. After that experience we had felt our energies ran trough our bodies and they seemed they had dried up us. On balance it was so.
We had given part of our energies to the forest  for reborn.
Without realizing we were looking at eachother and touching our faces, while we had closing the eyes, when suddenly it arrived the night.
Sweetly you have embraced me and i, without any effort, i placed  my head on your chest, while with the hand i caressing your belly.
We were  fallen asleep so.
Few hours later, we were awoke ourselves with our hearts that was beating strong.
It seemed we had ran away from a bad dream, but we didnt have had it. Even because, since when we have met, we didnt ever had nightmare no more.
It only was happening something.
We looked ourselves asking ourselves ‘What’s up?’ We have did to take a deep breathe and right after you have caressed my face looking into my eyes.
Out, we have could hear a clank. But it didnt seemed a clank dangerous. On the contrary it seemed something it was building itself.
That iron clank had called even the furry animals that were seeing that building growing in front of them fastly.
We were came out for see what was happening. Beyond the little bridge, next the reborn forest, it was building itself a modest shack.
Our eyes were wide open. You for a reason me for another.”


⇐“Still confused

“We both had a thud ⇒

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