“Still confused” – ○269○


We looked at each other.
We had listened to each words that Fenkuz and the Big One, had said.
We had understood that with our great love we had made reborn the forest, and just now we had understood that we had activated the little red gems that Fenkuz had settled around us, while we were in front one another.

We hadn’t spoken yet. We were as overwhelmed by each thing.
We had listened to the voices of the furry friends, but they were like a far buzz.
We had to return to the apartment.

While the Big One still explained to the Little Morgur, the importance of what which we had done, silently and slowly, the Markùts accompanied us to the apartment that still had the door open.

The travel for return back was short, but you have sweetly took me in your arms, even if you was tired too.
I have placed my face on your chest, and I have could hear the heart beat a little bit fast, but more we approached to the apartment, more it got calmed.

When we arrived the Markùts nodded, and slowly gone away.
You have closed the door with a foot, and sweetly you have brought me upstairs.

Delicately, you have lay me on the bed, then you did the same: you settled close to me.
Face to face, shyly we smiled each other. I didn’t had spoken yet, but I was about to open the mouth: I have tried to speak.
“It’s been… so ma… .” I would liked have say “It’s been so magic”, but I didn’t have the force for continue, but you have done for me.
“It’s been so magic, and you there in the middle of the twirl, you was very beautiful” you have whispered me. and sweetly you have continued: “While I’ve held your hands, I was feeling your love was wrapping me always more…”
Your glance was illuminating itself more, when you was saying me this.

In the forest there was been really a profound union.”


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