“You was looking

At me with your eyes in which i could lost myself even for a second that could lasts an eternity.
Our emotions were growing always more. Our hands were well tight. And what which we were feeling going trough our bodies and our minds seemed going crazy, and they were always more connected. We didnt have opened the mouth for speak, but we asked ourselves ‘What happening?’
oifrig38_moltipicaEverything around us was becoming more bright, and we seemed to flying, but we were firm.
We were wrapped by the greatest emotions and we were feeling them at the same istant, and we didnt have realised that Fenkuz had setted around us, little gems and that energy was coming from those red little crystals. They looked like rubies. We were into their red thin dust twirl that going up to the sky. It was like a magic.
The sun rays that entering in the woods, mixed up with that red twirl, it was one the most beautiful thing we were attending. And we knew that we were us to generating it.
A tear was been able to escape from my face , while we were still looking ourselves 
Around us seemed more magic than usual. That forest, last borderline of Our Parallel, full of intersecated branches, now with us inside, it seemed say us ‘Our souls were uniting even more’.
We were still inside on that twirl that turning around us and we have seen all the furry friends, slowly were back and they seemed waiting like something. Even the little of the Morgur was careful and in someways serious.
Softly the red twirl thin dust was disappearing and we were taking again a new deep breathe. The forest, with its colors and sounds, was totally reborn. Sweetly we were awake ourselves as if we were been in a dream and we were looking around us. We didnt have realized of all this. Me i was shaking, i didnt understand why. I just looked at Luke and i said him ‘Embrace me tight’. I dived myself in your chest and after a bit i felt myself  better.
Fenkuz and the other furry friends were looking at us.
Then Fenkuz spoken ‘With this, you had give proof that your love is very powerful and now your soul is consacreted to be together forever in the eternity’. The little Morgur has whispered ‘like a marriage..’  The Big one has replied him ‘No… it’s something more big it’s a bond that link two souls and whatever happens, they will always able to found themselves’, then he even added ‘Give again life to a forest like this one, it’s a sign of a profound love’.  The little Morgur looked at the Big one first then he came to us.
We only looking eachother. Our hearts were beating so strong.”


⇐“We were

“Still confused ⇒


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