“We were” – ○267○


Looked each other around us and everything was taking life again as in the Burn Valley, and shyly all the furry animals has entered in the wood, and they has come where we were, still in front one another, still without hands well tight.

The woods was still animating itself.
We were in silence. We were listening to the new sounds giving new life to the whole environment.
In someway we knew that we had to remain stand still, till everything was reborn.
All our friends were wandering in the wood, looking at the new species that was growing around them spontaneously: the only one who didn’t moves, was been Fenkuz. He was a little distant from us. He looking at around him, but he was firm.
Even the Markùts were wandering in the wood.

From far, we have hear the sound of the mouth the river that ran close the apartment.
On our skin were falling little dew drops from the big leafs of a tree that slowly was growing up above us.
We were remained where we stopped.

What which we were feeling was something deeper than when we were in the Burn Valley, where we have met the homeless, and the woman inside the mountain.

Maybe in the Burn Valley we hadn’t still the complete awareness of this world, and of each things that would have involved us emotionally.
When the homeless, and the woman has left us, we didn’t have realized of much great our love was.

In that dark woods, we were alone with all our sensations, and this time we knew, that each thing that was growing up around us, was fruit of the totally awareness of what which we were feeling for each other, and consequently for that magic world.”


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