“With in hand

frog0051_moltiplikcaThat tiny piece of crystal we had felt around us a heat that slowly expanded itself even inside of us. We had take ourselves tight, and trough our eyes we had  see another piece of Our Parallel World opening itself in front of us.  Our hearts seemed  exploding out from our bodies.
We were looked at eachother, firm but inside of us there was a battle of emotions. We had believed remain without oxygen. We had made falls down the tiny crystal on the ground. What which we were feeling it was materializing in something we didnt have ever seen before.
The woods behind the appartment was the last part of that world, was still undiscover and it has been for you so hard to set free Kapi from the branches of the woods, but now it seemed all more simple. Slowly it was opening itself.
The furry animals couldnt did nothing, and they knew it. Just Kapi has taken the flight and wih his shrill sounds indicated us the way.
We still were taking our hands tight. We were short of oxygen. We knew that we have had to enter in that dark wood to take breathe again.
For us, in that moment, it was a thing that was going against any logic, but it was that  glances of our friends were telling us to do.
We couldnt neither to swallow. At a certain point we have looked at Fenkuz who had just nodded us.
We took our hands and  we went to the bordeline of the woods. We looked at ourselves and we had crossing the dense woods.  We stopped ourselves in the middle. You have wanted to put yourself in front of me, and you have took both the hands
Only few rays of light entering in the woods. There was a spectral silence, and in that silence we have felt our heart beating hard.
Slowly but really slowly we could have started to breathe again normally. And more the breathe was becoming normal, we have noticed that the nature arounded us taking live again and the intersecated branches opening themselves, leaving enter the light of the sun.
With our breathe we had made reborn that dark and dense woods.
Around us everything was becoming more bright.
Only for the second time since we were in Our Parallel World we had attended to a reborn of a place and it was been a thing that had left us still without words.”


⇐“Sweetly you

 “We were ⇒

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