“Sweetly you” – ○265○

Have took me in your arm,s and we went downstairs.
I knew that you wanted say something to the furry animals that were still in front of the appartment, but I even knew that wanted say alone: I’ve nodded, and slowly I went to the sofa, and I waited for you.

luke4446luminositu00e0iYou had left the door open. In someway, you was about to say something that you wasn’t ready to say in front of me, but in your way, you wanted let me listen to.

The grey door was in line with the sofa, so when you came out, I could see all our furry friends, even The Little Morgur who was peeking inside the apartment: I have smiled at him.

You was settled on the little stair in front the door, and you have started to talk.
“Since I was child I always thank my grandma who introduced me to the magic. I has been always affascinated by the magic. She told me always «you’re special, and you will find someone even more special», and that someone special, is inside in the apartment” – you turned around toward me – “with her magic… she gave me part of hers, and even me I’ve become magic”.

All the furry animals were around you, and even Kapi seemed understanding your words.
You continued: “When we met in the bar, we didn’t knew what was happening around us. Surely it was something magic, and that magic was came from this world that was being born…”
You didn’t know how to continue.
Me, from inside the apartment, I was about to explode, my eyes got wet, and I put mu hand on my mouth to held back the emotions were about to splashing out from me.

Slowly I got up, and I directed to the grey door: I’ve stopped myself behind you, and delicately I’ve touched your shoulder: you turned round your face, and sweetly you smiled me.
You have helped me to seat down., and your eyes setting on me, as if you was looking something unexpected: I has been.

I was looking at you while the furry friends waiting for the continue of the speech that I had interrupted.
“We have made a great mess…” – I said- “with all what we have felt in that first period, but it was, almost a was necessary thing… right after when we entering in Our Parallel World, we have realized in which great chaos we have involved all of you: we asking you to forgive us.”

While I was about to finish to talk, Fenkuz bustled about, and from his little leather bag that he had always on, he has pulled out a new crystal and he launched it in the air.
We looked at him stunned. The crystal seemed brokering itself in million of tiny pieces, like dust.
At end Fenkuz spoken: “Your love crossed centuries, it has goes through many dangers, it could have be destroyed by The Nothing even, but here it is. Stronger than ever”
Saying this he collected a tiny crystal, and he gave it us.

What which we had felt has been something very poweful.
We held us our hands tight.”


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