Slowly but

oifrig38_scuriEven fast, i feel your closeness that is exploding here close to me.  I looking at your blue eyes and you are taking me in our parallel world.
Our connetion has began so suddenly and i felt myself overwhelmed by a twirl of emotions that i could  been able to manage them.
If i close the eyes i can feel your breathe on my skin. Your eyes are setting on me and your heart is beating fast like mine and i cant swallow and i’m breathless. I can feel our minds get connect and in our parallel world you’re touching me delicately.
We dont say nothing, we remain in silence. One of the most silence full of words. I taking a deep breath for to dont going crazy, but i feel my heart i beating at unison with your.
We looking ourselves, and in your blue eyes i can feel something more than a simple glance towarded to me. Something that you want to say me from long time and you dont have the courage to do it.
My heart is beating strong,  i can only dive myself into your eyes and waiting.


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