“We still

orbit10forteSmiled eachother and as if we were  awakening from a dream, we had heard still the shrills sound of Kapi that seemed was telling his story, while Fenkuz made the interpreter. We didnt wanted disturb all the company. After having put our clothes back on, we went in the window and from there we had began to hear the Kapi’story.
It was like we had imagined. Fenkuz and Kapi were been chained from the Nothing almost at the same time. But we didnt know the Kapi’s pendant made part of the Fenkuz’s crystals, And the Kapi’s pendant was one of the most big greatest emotions we had felt since when we have met ourselves. When you have gave me the ring. And that great emotion it would had to cover and protect Our Parallel World from anything else, but something were went wrong.
From above, from the window, we were looked ourselves for a moment and you have whispered ‘We were in a twirl of emotions. We werent  been able to manage them, and so it’s arrived’.
Slowly we were entered again.
You delicately made me seat on the bed and you was kneeled yourself in front of me, taking both my hands.
Looking at me deeply, sighing, you have said ‘You have took me in this wonderful world, You have taught me that from little things can born the most great magic  of the magics of the universe, and that can destroy the most wildest thing.’
While i was listening to you, my heart was jumping in the throat, and i wasnt been able to hold back a tear. I touched softly your face, biting my lips.
In that moment the only thing i wanted to do was put on my chest your hand. I wanted make you feel my heart, but i didnt. I was remained firm looking at you with my tiny tear was falling.
Delicately you had dry it with your finger. Slowly i took your hand and sweetly i’ve kissed it.
Slowly we were approaching ourselves for given ourselves a delicate kiss.”


⇐“For a long

“Sweetly you ⇒

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