It seems that…

save0046_forteYou want take me there… in that shack…  all reminds me that dream i’ve done months earlier that you showed me it for real.
My heart is beating like a crazy and our connection is begin so fast. My vise is strong and my head explode.
I can feel your hands holding me tight and i can hear your voice, your whispers.
I close the eyes and i feel your hands taking mine. We are there, in that shack, that only now i realise, is the entrance of our parallel world. Only now i realise it, and you have took me there trough our connection.
All that it becoming very weird, but on balance it’s all real.
You and me, our connection, our feelings what we are saying trough little gesture, even we dont know still eachother, but what we are feeling is stronger that everything is arounding us. I feel like a punch and in someway,  i know it’s something that coming from you, and you are feeling the same. The only thing i can do is sighing and whispering your name.
….that shack….our entrance in our parallel world.



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