“For a long

headshots5forte2Moment we looked at ourselves. Your eyes were piercing me and i was remained speechless. You was caressing my face sighing, then a question that left me breathless ‘Why i didnt met you earlier?’ I dived  myself in your eyes as i’ve never done before. My heart stopped itself and even that slowed atmosphere it stopped. Your hands were touching me. You was as enchanted by what you was seeing and our connection it was developing always more. We were in bed, but just immediately after your question it seemed that my amethyst and your tiny opal had done their magic, our deepest feeling came out.
I’ve holded your face in my hands. Even me i’ve sighed and i’ve replied you ‘It was so that it had to going’. We remained so.
Your eyes was the most beautiful thing that i was seeing.
That moment it was expanding around us and it seemed that even us were expanding from inside. We were looking at eachother deeply. We could feel the hearts beating strong and the light of the amethyst of my ring and the tiny opal were mixing always more.
We could feel something was entering in us slowly.
We realized of that, we didnt moved ourselves. We could listen a kind of music inside of us, as if  little crystals played one against another.
We knew that atmosphere, but each time was totally different than the others, and each time we were stunned by what which we were feeling.
What we were feeling one for another was growing inside of us, and in Our Parallel World it was just how we had always wished.
We have had to make a big and deep breathe, before to return  in a normal state.
Slowly the magic of the opal and amethyst were fading and we still looked at eachother with that emotional scrambling in our stomach.
Shyly we smiled ourselves.”


⇐“We had left

“We still ⇒


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