“We had left

reading24forteAll the furry animals in front of the appartment that they welcoming Kapi, with Fenkuz that was doing the intrepreter.
Shyly i took your hand and you have took it and silently we entered in the appartment, without that nobody noticing our assence, just the Markùts had noticed that.
We have close the door behind us.
Entering in the appartament it was created itself a floating atmosphere. We didn have say nothing. We only have shared certain glances that speaking themselves. I had still your hand in mine. You have left guided by me close the stairs. I’ve done the first one, then i left myself take from you. Then we went up in the bedroom. Our breathes were wrapping us. While you leaned me sofltly in the bed, i’ve began to slide my hand inside the shirt you had on and delicately it falled down over your arms.
Our hearts has began to beat always faster, but around us, the atmosphere was like slowed. We looked at eachother for a long minute, without say nothing.
Your hand was caressing my belly trought the white dress that seemed a soft cloud. The eyes were stared one in another. I’ve replied again to you and in a thread of voice, i’ve said you again ‘Never…. you will dont loose me never… Never’.
There was another moment of silence where our eyes have met our souls and in that exact moment we were kissed ourselves so passionately that we have believed that all around and inside of us, could to explode.
Delicately from the belly your hands were reached  my legs. Slowly i have close the eyes, while you have lifting the white dress.
The breathe were mixing with little moanings. Your hands was discovering my little breast under the white dress that slowly was becoming only an obstacle, Even you have slided the hands in my dress and at the end you have launched it away on the floor.
We have smiled, while were ourselves touching delicately.
We lost ourselves in our glances and in that glances we were said ourselves ‘I love you so much’ many times losing the count.
Our love was so great that we coud feel it in each touch and each touch overwhelming us. And we could see it throught our eyes.
We given ourselves a kiss that seemed had no end.”


⇐“While we

“For a long ⇒


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