My heart

lukempfondigranaIs exploding. i feel your closeness more than ever. Just in this moment i can feel you here by my side, you just looking what im typing and i can feel your hand that hold me. My glance is toward to you and you’re smiling me sweetly as you usually do and in that glance you know i melting. My vise get bigger and bigger.
Just in this open diary, our minds get connect, and in someways you are thinking a little of me and we meeting ourselves in our parallel world.
I know you can feel me in these little istants, as meĀ  i can feel you.
Your arms are wrapping me tight. You leave me without breathe. Your embrace is accompanied by your sweet whispers that going me crazy.
My heart is about to explode in little millions of pieces. Pieces of my emotions that i have for you when i feel your closeness, when i feel you here close to me. When i feel your eyes that staring me without say nothing.
I think to going crazy if i think to all what is happened and what is still happening.
I close the eyes and i feel you here close to me, whispering my name,
How is it possible all that?? Your closeeness is almost tangible, if i close the eyes.
You’re here by my side, despite our distance. My heart is still beating hard.



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