“While we” – ○261○


Were looking at these two friends once again reunited: Kapi’ shrill sounds resounded in Our Parallel World.

We isolated ourselves for a long moment with our thoughts.
Thoughts about the Nothing, and what which it had created and at the same time destroyed, and divided.

We were watching Fenkuz, and Kapi and in our hearts there was a immense joy, but at the same moment something of dark had pervaded us inside.

Despite we had defeated it, the Nothing was still in our minds, and we had fear that it could return in at any time, even if we have had the confirmation by all the furry friends that it was been defeated, there was still doubt.

The Nothing, that black thin line that had surrounded Our Parallel World, and it got bigger each time we had crossed it, since when we left the real world.

The Nothing, that invisible black hole that was turning around our world.
It was like a liquid form of vortex that was taking the energy from our world: and it was pulling out each of its energy, putting in field every weapons it had available for destroy it.

The rescuing of Kapi reminded us all this: above all the slow, and continues sound that surrounded it
I was close to you, and what which I’ve felt in the exact moment when you set free Kapi, it was that one you relived the moment when the Nothing was been able to catch me and it was about to swallowed me inside of it.
You was looking at me with the same scared look of when you was been not able to take me, and not you was able to lifted me up.

I looked at you and I’ve replied to you without you had say anything “You will never loose me… Never”.”


⇐“We were looking” – ○260○ 

“We had left ” – ○262○⇒

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