“We were looking” – ○260○


Up to sky. The animal was flying above us. He seemed an eagle. He was flying free in the air, and he was remain where we were. His shrill sounds seemed says us ‘Thank you” above all to yo who had set him free.

He was flying free far but always then he returning to us. Our hearts were filling of a great joy seeing this big and awesome bird that was flying high free.
We stared each other for a long time, and then we kissed us.
The others furry animals, slowly came to see what was happened.

Each of them was curious to hear from your voice what was happened, while the bird still flying above us.
It seemed that, he had wanted fly till he was would tired.
The most curious was always The Little One, who jumping happy around, while Fenkuz was staring the flying animal, whispering something that it seemed like a name: “Kapi…”, and he was intrigued by a little thing that the bird had around his neck, repeating that name. “Kapi. Kapi….”

We have understood, without asking, that Fenkuz, and Kapi has been chained by the Nothing at the same instants.
We held back, for a long moment the breathe, and we tightened one another.
Then we had notice Fenkuz was poking in his little leather bag and he had pulled out a tiny crystal and, as if the little Fenkuz tiny crystal had communicated with the tiny thing that Kapi had on his neck: in front of us the dark, and dense woods opened itself, while Kapi was flying above it.

The dense branches were opening themselves, enlarging the view of Our Parallel World to a new unexplored part that till now we believed inaccessible.
Slowly, Kapi leaned on your shoulder and for the first time we have seen the reunion of two friends.
Fenkuz was approached himself to us: I’ve took him on my arms while you settled next to me with Kapi, always on your shoulder.

Fenkuz, and Kapi looked at themselves deeply. Fenkuz stretched his little paw to the Kapi head and he touched him, as for carressing him and then with his hoarsely voice, he said us: “This is Kapi, and Kapi let out another shrill sound.

A tears fallen from my face. You tightened my hand.”


⇐“We were” – ○259○

“While we” -○261○ ⇒

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