“We were

luke0004sommaAsleep while the noises in the woods making themselves always more slow, but always more closer to our appartment, but then nothing more.
It seemed that whoever or whatever was inside had wanted waiting our awaken.
We had slept embraced. You heart beat was so regular after it was calmed, and your good-smelling skin, was taking me in another levels of our big love. In your arms i felt myself in the most safe place i wanted stay.
We had slept till we had opened the eyes and the sun light was slowly entering in the bedroom. Your sweet smile was the first thing i’ve seen. I caressed your face and your eyes were illuminated themselves.
We looked at ourselves.
That continuos and slow sound was still in our head, but unconciosly we had know that came from the woods.
The noises were closer but there was no any danger that it could comes out without the Markùts could warn us, but even if we had know it, we have prefered to having breakfast out of  the appartment. Ready for every eventuality.
By now the dense bush barrier was the last thing to open for whose was inside of the woods.
We had breakfast under the tree in front of the appartment. We settled ourselves there so we would have seen better what was happening behind our appartament.
I still wore the white long dress and you had on just a pants even them white.
We seemed two persons came out from a dream, but that dream, perhaps it would been break it from another nightmare. We still didnt know it. The noises of the broken branches, it were always more strong and now we could see a shadow that slowly was taking itself form.
We remained there, holding back the breathe. But more the bush barrier moving, we had underdstood that wasnt the Nothing, but something that was looking for to escape from there, as if it was trapped inside.
You have decided to got up yourself and go to see more closer. Maybe who was inside wasnt able to come out and didnt wasnt able to speak.  I left you go, but i whispered ‘Luke…be careful’. You have nodded.
You came close to the dense bush and even you had difficulties to break some branches.
While you was doing this, i’ve heard you to talk to whose was inside.
My heart was beating strong, when finally, you was been able to set free the enchained creature that took the flight in the sky above us.”


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