Our social distancing


Is a forced distancing, but  we can feel us  despite that, but when our minds connect themselves and our vise in the stomach get stronger and stronger, it’s like we call eachother through our own phones and you woud show me the beauty of your land and you whisper me ‘I would like stay with you now’ and my heart beat like a crazy.
Now i can feel you closeness more closer than ever, i dont know why. Our minds is get connecting themselves quickly.
Since when i was woke up i feeling your embrace around me, and my head is about explode. I whispering you ‘Do you feel it’?
I can feel your reply in my heart and im going crazy.
My is vise tighting always more my stomach. I must take a deep breathe
I feel you here close to me more than usual.
Tell  me, you can feel the same, my heart going crazy…


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