lukesolescuriWrapping me tight… and you’re whspering my name….
We going in Our Parallel World. Our closeness is more strong when i writin in this diary. I can close my eyes and you are here by my side.  My vise in stomach get bigger and bigger, and now i feel you closing your eyes too.
We are stretching our hands and slowly we are touching ourselves.
You’re approachin yourself to me. I’m sighing.
Since when i was woke up i felt you was close to me in my bed.
Our connection is strong in these days.
Something will happens, i dont¬† know. But when it’s so i take a deep breathe and i whisper your name, in the hope you can hear it…and i know you can hear it.
When i have opened the eyes my heart beated strong and i felt your embrace wrapped me so tight.
You’re next to me and you’re taking me in Our Parallel World. My heart still beating fast. I can feel your arms around me. I feel your presence even you are so far from me.



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