“While the little” – ○255○


Furry animals wanted see that magical fireflies that were lay on them, we got up ourselves and without be noticed we were strayed a little bit.

Hand in hand we were approached ourselves to the lake, next to the opal rock. You, as a real knight, have helped his princess to sit herself on that rock. Our hands didn’t wanted breaks away You was looking at me deeply with a glance, almost enchanted by who you was looking at. I have look down. If I had look at you still, I would be blush, as the first time you have asked me to stay at my table in that bar.

The atmosphere was one the most delicate that we were living in our world.
There was a light breeze that it made fluttering my white long dress, and it surrounding us.
The light of the sun was so clear and it was making us feel like inside a glass bell.
But it wasn’t the sunlight that it was making us feel in this way: they were the amethyst of my ring and the tiny opal you had on.

Slowly our emotions, our feelings were merging each other, and without realizing it, they had created this kind of bell, and we were inside it.
Our glances were straight, one in another.
Slowly, and delicately you have took my hand and you have lay me on the meadow; my light dress had swelled, and slowly it lay was enlarged.

You was approaching to me: we could feel our hearts beats as crazies.
Your hands were touching my belly trough the white dress. You have whispered my name, and we were kissing us, without realizing it.
We were making it under that magical glass bell.

From outside, the furry animals couldn’t see us, but they could feel the love we were spreading around, and they were happy.”


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