“You have looked” -○254○

Down, just for a second for collect all our thoughts that we had sharing in the Burn Valley. I was looking at you, and I gave you the courage to speak.

luke0052fondigranaYou have lifted the face, and you have looked at me first, and then you have began to talk.
“From we met ourselves in that bar, we had know that something magical was surrounded us. Our meeting has been decided from many centuries. Our love has crossed many difficulties to reunited us. By a chance, we met us again. To be honest, just slowly we had understood, that the homeless, and the woman were being part of this world, and just when we had defeated the Nothing with all our fears, we have understood the importance of everything this, and of our love. Our love needs of everything this and we have need of him. We are understanding the real meaning of the word LOVE, and the real love I really want is hers…”
While you was saying these last words, you turned yourself toward me: I was remained breathless, and speechless. My heart stopped for a second. A little tears has fallen from my face, while I was exploding inside. You have looked at me and slowly you have continued: “Daria has taught me to open myself to new emotions, feelings. Since I’ve met her I’ve understood she was special. She has taught me to look forward, she gave me her magic, and together slowly we had created this world.
When the homeless and the woman left us alone in the Burn Valley, we have understood that our love was the most powerful thing that we had, and with that, we will continue to protect Our Parallel World at any cost.”

Slowly the Little One approached us, and we have caressed him and its fur became more colored, and more fluffy.
“You’re our family: by now the planet earth does belong us no longer.” I have added in a whisper.

Without realizing we were tightening us our hands always more.
Slowly all our furry friends approached themselves to us.
In their glances, even in that of Pyr, we had seen, something that sparkle.

In that exact moment our crystals have propagated a light around us, it seemed little fireflies, that delicately, was lay on every furry animals.

We were protecting them.”


⇐“You seemed” – 252″ 

“While the little” – ○255○ ⇒

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