I’m still

luke56forteTranslating my tale and till now i didnt realized that what i wrote was what happened to us from i’ve done that dream in which you’ve told me what we know.
Our connection is going beyond what i’ve immagined, beyond Our Parallel World.
And now your smile is here and it showing me something more than a simply smile.
It show me that our connection is something of tangible, that it goes beyond our emotions that we are feeling while i’m typing on this keyboard.
My heart is beating strong and i’m feeling wrapping by your arms and  now a little voice inside of me, is telling that even tiny there is between us, for real.
I can feel your voice around me, inside of me….I’m sighing and i smile, diving myself in your eyes.
Without realizing im writing how has began our connection. Just now i have realise it…. Incredible. I feel my heart beating strong and our connection get bigger and bigger in these istants.


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