“You seemed

2410forteEnchanted by me. You was looking at me, while i was looking ahead.
Our hearts were beating strong and it seemed that their beats resounded in that valley…. and it was so
Slowly we were looked ourselves and delicately you have took my hand for return back. We had to talk to our furry animals.
Hand in hand, we had acrossed the long and walkway that skirted the Opal, there it’s happened something real magical. We were in front of the door of the Opal when the lights of our crystals invested me and they dressed me with the same white light dress i had on days ago. I remained breathless. You was wide eyes open, but when this magic has been completed, you have  whisper ‘This world has need of a princess… of my little princess.’ We stopped ourselves in front of the Opal. Our eyes melted one in another. Our emotions were to the maximum. You have caressed my face, while i stared you and i placed my hand on your. You’ve kissed it. We had took a deep breathe and we have continued to walk.
While we were returned back, we holded ourselves our hands, very tight.
We knew that we had to speak our friends. We didnt know how face up to the speech, at least, how to start it. But something it would be arrived.
When we had seen the Morgur village, our glances met again. The little one ran toward us jumping around us. You have said him ‘Come with us’, while i called the big one and the leanest. The others were closer. And we had seen them there, under the tree in front of our  appartment. Fenkuz was still settling his bush, Pyr was resting himself, while the Markùts were observing all and they were assuring themselves, that everything was all ok.
When we arrived, everybody had felt that we had something to say them.
Slowly they placed around us, while we settled ourselves on the little stair of our appartament.
We have took a deep breathe together, but only one of us would have spoken and that one would been you. I have hold your hand in mine.
I knew, you would have find the right words and your voice, it would be a magic enchant for everybody, includes me.”



“You have look ⇒

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