It’s from

luke26moltiplicaI was woke myself that i feel you close to me. My vise in the stomach got bigger and bigger and in someways, you was close to me. And you know what i mean.
I takingĀ  deep breathe since i opened my eyes. Your closeness is arounding me and i feel your arms wrapping me. I need to dive my soul in you eyes and i see our parallel world.
I can feel your deep voice call my name.
I touch your lips with the fingers. You close the eyes and sigh.
Our emotions are twirling around us.
Despite our distance, i feel you are lifting me making me slide on your body.
Delicately our lips are touching and you are laying me on your bed, and there we looking ourselves in silence. Eyes in eyes. We are touching our faces, sighing.
Around us, our emotions are wrapping us.


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