luke02catturascuriWe wanted stay alone with our thoughts and wander in Our Parallel World and think to what our little furry animals have had said us. It was very important, but it was also important what which we had did. Our thoughts went toward the Nothing.
While we walking, we had felt a new fresh air in our faces, and that air, as if it invested us, it showed us our world under our magic protection.
We had walked till the Burn Valley, that now had new colors. We remained stunned.
You have took my hand and for a short time you have looked at me, sighing.
Our thoughts were crossing eachother.
From a side we had know this that was our turn, from the other was the jump in the void.
Our love was a love that was lasting from centuries. It had travelled in time. We had looked for ourselves trought the time, and at the end, almost for a case we had found ourselves in a noisy bar.
The homeless and the woman with the barrow, were been our
They told us those words and in someways, they have putted us on the same road.
It’s been a long travel, that lasted several centuries.
But at end, we  met us again.
We were looking at the infinite Burn Valley, with this thoughts that ran trought our minds.
We didnt say nothing. Occasionally we sighed, and in these sigh there was all our love for  defend what which have had around us, and to create new places in Our Parallel World.
Shyly we looked us, while we had looked the new beauty in that valley.
We have deeply sighed, looking foward.


⇐“We were still

“You seemed ⇒

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