“We were still

lukesolelineareLooking at the pendant, while Fenkuz was still there in front of us.
Seemed he had something to add. In fact, he approached us and he took again our hands in his paws, he said us ‘This magic world was born thanks your special love. You were reunited yourself from the past and you are living the love that you didnt had  lived in the past. Your souls were looking for themselves for too long time. You never stopped looking for you, and now… look what you’ve created…’ Fenkuz left in suspended his words.
He turned himself for go. Another voice was adding to his words.
‘There will be another things to discover, to do, to feel…’ It was Pyr whom slowly was awoken himself up and he was listening the words of his friend.
‘These crystal are both magic and they can do many great things, like you.’
Finally also the Markùts spoken ‘Your love was survived trough the centuries. You had defeated the only thing that it could destroy all this. We will be close to you’.
We were listening to them. We were moved.
We had realised that from first glance at the bar, from a sparkle in our eyes, little by little were being born this world. From a tiny particle of dust, during those first days that we had spend in «your appartament» in somewhere, it was growing Our Parallel World.
Our hearts were exploding, and without saying anything, we had nodded. We were remain speechless from the beauty of the words that Fenkuz, Pyr and the Markùts had said us.
Slowly they had left us. We were still sit on the little stair of our appartement, and then kindly you got up and you have stretched your hand toward mine, you have helped me to stand up and with your sweet voice you have said ‘Let’s walk’ and with a slow advancement we had acrossed the lake. The little Morgur had noticed us and he ran immediately toward us. He was happy to see us. I’ve caressed him, while from far we had heard the big one who called him. He returned back. while we were continuing our slow and silently walk, while the only thing we could listen to, were our hearts.They were going crazy.”


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