I feeling

luke30moltiiplicaforteYou. You’re coming from behind. You’re embracing me. Delicately you whisper my name, and your arms are tightining me, but they are so sweet. Your voice wrapping me and i turn myself toward to you. My hands wants touch your face.
You take one of my hands and you kiss it, and then you stare me. Our glance meet. Our breathe get faster and faster. Our desire is the same. You look at me and our breathe remain as suspended.
Our Parallel World explode around us and we are in the middle. That enough a glance and we can feel our perfumes. I feel your and you feel mine.
Maybe we are going crazy, but it’s thhis how our connection work.
And we feel close us one another more than ever, when i writing in this diary.
Our connection is here.
I close the eyes and i can feel your sigh, your hands on my stomach that delicatley stops on my hips, and your words wrap me as a sensual white veil.
You’re here close to me. I need to close the eyes and i feel your hands on my body. I feel your perfume around me. How is this possibile?
Our Parallel World is arounding us and my emotions are exploding. Embrace me.




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