“We knew

luke4446scuriThat we had to open to Fenkuz. Nothing was casual in Our Parallel World and now Fenkuz had have to say us something important, but Fenkuz had have to wait for another minutes.
In our eyes was the fully aware to go forward on and there was no pretext to return back.
Our hearts was beating at unison. A last glance, a last deep breathe a last kiss and then we would have open the grey door.
In someways, we were already seeing us projecting in our future.
This word, that could contain everything and nothing.
Together we went to open the door.
There was Fenkuz that he was looking us and slowly he said ‘There is something you must to know about you and the future of your world.’
Slowly but from far were approaching the Markùts. Pyr was still sleeping.
Fenkuz was looking at us, looking for the exact words for start his speech.
‘From  this night you have started your new walking in your world.
Defeating the Nothing, the most big enemy for this world, without realised, you have laid the foundation for protect it…’ We looked at eachother, while Fenkuz was pulling out from a little leather bag something. And then Fenkuz continued to talk approaching to us. He took my left hand and then he took your hand putting inside of it a tiny crystal You was about to open your hand  for look, but you have looked at Fenkuz first. He nodded, so you have see it.
It was a tiny opal.
‘This opal contains part of your big love and with the ring, it has great power’. We didnt say anything. We were stunned. Fenkuz had still, my left hand in his paw. He brought it next to the opal that was, in your hand, for show us how the two crystals combined worked.
A magical combined light lifted itself in the air.
‘This your shield… our shield.’
While Fenkuz was saying this, he was handling the opal. In few seconds he had created a pendant and at the end he putted it to the neck of Luke.”


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