I taking deep breathes

luke0005forteAnd  suddenly im arounded by a new perfume. I close my eyes ad i can feel your whispers. That’s you.
You come from behind and delicately you’re wrapping me.
You call my name and you turn me. Our glance meet. I say ‘Hi’. You dont say nothing, you just look at me and you smile me, stretching your hand toward my face. I take it.
Our hearts begin to beat fast.
You’re approaching always more.
Now our faces delicately touching.
Our eyes diving one in another.
You take my hands and we start our slow dance. Kindly our minds get connect. We saying us everything. Some tears falling.
Our emotions melting.
I feel you and you feel me.
Now the only obstacle is our distance, but how we feel us close one another in these istants. Our hearts exploding at the same time.


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