“Your words” – ○249○


Were resounding in the large room as an echo, and we were looking at us.

We still didn’t have understand: our hearts were beating hard. We didn’t wanted understand the meaning of the stone, but we were fully aware of his meaning, and we understood that we were about take full control of what which surrounded us.
But in, your eyes there was a question that we were asking us each other.
You was looking at me, you looking for a reply, that I couldn’t give that to you. I was in a deep sea, like you.
Our hearts were about to explode.

You had still Dagaz in your hand.
In those little pink stone, was drawn on, our future, and for the very first time Our Parallel World were in our hands.
We were breathless. In these short instants we understood that, yes, we were in our parallel world, but till now it was been protected by the homeless, and the woman in the Burn Valley, and since they had left us, it had started our «New journey» in our world.

We had realized that, and now we had also understand that kind of light that was spreaded in the sky the late night, while we were making love: it was our very first act of protection toward our world.

We looked at each other, and everything this was more clear in our heads, but above all in our souls: we remained breathless for a long time. I have took your hands, and the only thing I could did was to bring them to my chest.
Unconsciously or not, that gesture had linked our fear,  and fear per fear, this great scare we have had, rapidly it disappeared.

At end, you have lean the pink stone on the little table. We have took a look at it together, and then we looked at each other. You have took my hands holding them tight in your and we lost ourselves in the glance of the other.

This moment of deep sharing, has been broke by the hoarsely voice of Fenkuz that called us knocking the grey door.”


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