Suddenly my head

luke120forteExploded and what i’ve seen left me breathless. My heart  is beating strong and you there, from the other side of the planet, that whisper my name and i feel it. Everything this is crazy. Crazy like our connection.
Something magic are bonding us. And also, unconciosly, we know it what is.
Our Parallel World. It’s everyhing inside of it. We must to close our eyes and we enter in.
I can feel you perfume that wrap me and slowly you turn me and our eyes dive one in another.
Our heart are going crazy, despite our distance.
I can feel you lips lean on mine so delicately. You leave me without breathe.
We are far from eachother, but in these moments, our closeness, expecially your is almost tangibile. I can close the eyes, your perfume is arounding me. Your lips are touching mine and the only place we can stay close eachother is Our Paralllel World.
I, also can going crazy, but when i feel your closeness, i feel  myself the most loved girl.
Our connection is the only feeling that i want  to feel, and now i feel it strong.


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