“It was” – ○248○

Long time that we didn’t see one: I’ve waited for show it to you, but I wanted glimpsed which symbol was, but it hasn’t been able to, so I left it there where it was.

luke4446forte-1You was arrived with the breakfast on a tray and you have placed it on the little table. I was smiling at you: it was a shy smile. My heart was beating like a crazy, while you settled yourself next to me. You was busy with the cup of coffee for me, and the rest of the breakfast that you hadn’t still noticed my smile.

Me, I was still smiling, and you have felt that emotion too.
At end, you have smiled me, and you have said me: “What’s up?”
Our hearts started to beat at unison. I sighed, and with a whisper I’ve said: “Look!” – indicating the floor next the stereo’s furniture – “One of our stones has fallen.”

We held back the breathe while we looked at ourselves.
We were surprised, as if we had seen this phenomenon for the first time: and it wasn’t at all, just it didn’t happened from long time.

Silently, we had decide have breakfast first, but our glances were set on that pink stone on the floor: the stones were saying us something, and we were there, with our hearts that were pumping as crazies.

At end, you have cleaned yourself, and you got up from the floor next the little table, and delicately you have took the stone.
Meanwhile I settled myself on the sofa, and i was looking at you approaching yourself to me.

Always with the closed fist, you came next to me.
Our glances met each other, while slowly you was opening your hand, and for the first time we had seen Dagaz: “A new beginning…” has been your whisper, while you was lifting your glance toward me. I was looking at you too.
Our hearts were beating fast.”


⇐“We looked” – ○247○

“Your words” -○249○ ⇒

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